On The Edge

On The Edge photography brief // Questioning and exploring the boundaries of when clothing becomes ‘inappropriate’ between male and females

Sponge Day // Leake Street Grafitti Tunnel

Sponge Day // This is where we were sent out into central London to examine the architecture of business buildings that would often be overlooked by people rushing to work

To Infinity And Beyond // This brief asked us to represent infinity visually. Our idea was to make that horrible feeling of watching someone put pressure on and pop a balloon infinite. The way the nail goes through the balloon sort of carries it on as the expected ending of the moment doesn’t happen 

Tag // Introducing my tag into the environment

Tag // We were asked to design a tag for ourselves and introduce it into the environment. The name ‘Slothy Bob’ has been derived from my tendency to faff around and take my time and my distinguishable haircut. I would like to make this tag more ambient by placing it in more natural environments such as a tree trunk

Exploit // Exploring ways of making a drawing tool out of bent lollysticks

Exploit // Ball we made from lollysticks and testing the marks it makes

Graphic Design Student // Kingston University